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More Auto Loans Are Going Bad. Why?

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New-car sales in the US are up about 7% so far this year. Thats a good thing — but it may have come with some unintended consequences: More auto loans are going bad. In this video, contributor John Rosevear looks at a new report from credit bureau Experian that shows an increase in car […]

American Eagle FCU exits commercial lending biz

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Inaction by Congress on increasing credit union commercial lending limits is pushing one of Connecticuts largest nonprofit cooperatives to exit the business. East Hartfords American Eagle Federal Credit Union, which is the second largest credit union commercial lender in the state, has stopped offering business loans. Dean Marchessault, executive vice president and chief operations officer […]

Valley Auto Loans Offering Bad Credit Auto Loans in the UK

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Greenville, SC (PRWEB) May 18, 2013 Over the past year, Valley Auto Loans has risen to the top of the auto loan industry. Their incredible rate of approvals and high quality auto loans have made them the #1 lender in the United States, and now has given them the ability to offer their services in […]

Longer Auto Loans Could Lead You Down The Wrong Road

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GREENVILLE, SC – 7 years ago George Bush was president, no one had heard of the housing bubble, and Julia Caron and her husband were just buying this brand new Dodge Truck. Today a lot has changed, but not for the Carons. Im feeling like it really needs to be paid off by now because […]

Banks Versus Credit Unions: The Best Source for Syracuse Auto Loans …

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Syracuse, NY (PRWEB) May 21, 2013 Most cities’ banking landscape is defined by a mixture of larger regional banks, smaller community banks and credit unions servicing niche populations. According to, a local banking site designed to give Syracuse consumers up-to-date financial information, Syracuse, New York is the epitome of this mix, offering the close […]

Applying for Online Auto Loans with Bad Credit

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For consumers with questionable credit the choice of where to apply for an online auto loan has gotten simpler since the Better Business Bureau began using a letter grade Our Experience The current grading system for businesses used by the Better Business Bureau makes it much easier for consumers with poor credit to compare the […]

The cheapest personal loans

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These loans are normally for one to five years and arent secured against your home or any other asset. Normally you cant borrow more than pound;25,000, and the best rates are offered for loans between pound;7,500 and pound;15,000. Personal loans have three main advantages: 1. Low rates Interest rates on personal loans are usually low […]

Small Businesses To Face Mortgage Squeeze

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Ironically, an improved real estate market and banks in better shape than a few years ago may spell trouble for many small-business owners. With real estate prices climbing and the number of distressed commercial loans on the decline, lenders are less likely these days to cut some slack to small-business borrowers who are still struggling. […]

First Internet Announces Three-for-Two Stock Split

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INDIANAPOLIS First Internet Bancorp (NASDAQ: INBK), parent company of First Internet Bank of Indiana (, a premier nationwide provider of online retail banking services and commercial banking services, announced today that its Board of Directors has authorized a three-for-two stock split of the Companys common stock. The stock split will be effected by the payment […]