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Payday loans fears prompt live debate

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Debt agencies are set to come together to take part in a live debate on fair credit tackling the issue of payday loans. Parliamentary Labour candidate Patrick Hall has organised the meeting on Friday, March 28, to help build a local picture of the national problem. Members of the public affected by debt are invited […]

Credit Scores Are the Latest Addition to Credit Card Statements

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If it doesnt already, your credit card statement may soon contain some new information. Alongside your rewards points, account balance and due date, you may find three more digits: your credit score. While it used to be you needed to pay $20 or more to check your FICO credit score, major card issuers such as […]

Auto loans and mortgages? Apples and oranges

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The auto finance industry and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have a fundamental disconnect. The auto finance industry sees itself as unique while the CFPB sees it as just one more consumer finance sector, essentially not that different from mortgages, credit cards or student loans. Last year, after issuing a bulletin equating dealership compensation based […]

Governor, do something about payday loans

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Dear Gov. Jay Nixon, We met in the summer of 2006 when you were first meeting with interested citizens in preparation for a run for governor. We stood in the shade of a big oak tree in Phelps Grove Park, and you listened patiently to my concerns about the payday loan industry in Springfield and […]

AdviceIQ: Millennials’ credit scores

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AdviceIQ: Millennials credit scores Millennials Credit Scores Submitted by Mary Beth Storjohann on Fri, 03/21/2014 – 3:00pmYour credit score ranks as one of the most important numbers in your young adult life. Heres what to know as you build

Credit-score age gap

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The old adage with age comes wisdom appears to hold true when it comes to financial management, according to a Federal Reserve Bank of New York report on debt. Credit scores, which play a critical role in borrowing money, clearly go up on average as we get older. The generational divide is as deep with […]

Free credit scores may grow more common

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Free credit scores may grow more common Linzi Hansen requested her credit report after the Target breach, but the 24-year-old found the report frustrating and incomplete. No one had told her how to read it, and no credit score was included.

Ask a Reporter: Is running credit card through smartphone risky?

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When Closing a Checking Account Hurts Your Credit Score

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Bill Bradford / FlickrĀ source Many consumers know that their credit scores actually take a dip when they close their credit card accounts, which is why they think twice before doing so. This concern may also carry over to checking accounts. Q: Im ready to switch over from my current bank to an online bank. People […]

Credit Unions Put Obamacare Into Action

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Despite technical glitches, long wait times and multiple crashes with the launch of the website last fall, many credit unions are doing their best to help members navigate through the changes. CoOportunity Health recently announced that it eclipsed the 50,000 enrollment mark for individuals and groups in Nebraska and Iowa, said Scott Sullivan, CEO […]