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9 Investigates: Fraudulent credit signs

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They have been popping up all over Charlotte–signs promising to fix or repair bad credit with a single phone call–and a fee–$250 or $269. But police say you might not get what you expected for that money. “You get scammed… Thats what you get for $269,” says Detective Kevin Jones, who works in CMPD’s Financial […]

How Target’s Huge Hacking Could Finally Make Credit Cards Secure

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Checkout counters in the US are an embarrassing technological backwater compared to those in most other developed countries, but this may finally be coming to an end. All it took was somebody hacking 40 million credit and debit cards. Today, Targetthe retail chain where all those cards were stolensaid that, starting in early 2015, all […]

RRJ Capital Backs Chinese Credit Card Maker

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By Chao Deng Betting on China’s financial sector can be risky, especially with the government in the midst of shaking up its sleepy big banks. But one Asian private equity firm has found a way into one rapidly growing sub sector of China banking the business of credit cards. RRJ Capital, a Hong Kong- and […]

Revealed: Top 5 UAE banking products for 2014

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Do you know which bank charges the lowest interest rate for car finance? Or the ones that charge a less than 4 per cent interest rate on mortgages? Are you aware of the bank that offers up to Dh3 million in personal loans? Or the one that offers zero annual charges, an under 3 per […]

The Problem With Payday Loans

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Cash Store Financial Services Inc. filed for bankruptcy protection on April 15, 2014. Court documents show they are losing $2 million per week, and have well over $100 million in debt. I will start by stating my biases: I am not a fan of payday loans. I believe they are a very expensive form of […]

Auto loans are a driver of the expansion, but might be running out of gas

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Summary:  Modern history consists to a scary extent of boys with toys. Powerful tools used irresponsibly: Atomic weapons, nuclear power plants, debt, and (God help us, genetic engineering). The decades of the Cold War featured several terrifying close calls with nukes. Now were suffering the effects of imprudent debt accumulation, and are likely to for […]

Ministers push for limit on payday loans

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BATON ROUGE – Armed with Bibles with inserts marking scripture critical of usury and taking advantage of the poor, clergy of almost all denominations and citizen groups encouraged state lawmakers Wednesday to clamp down on payday loan operations. Together Louisiana, a faith-based group working on civic issues, staged a lobbying effort to limit the number […]