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People Are Paying More Than Ever for Their Car Loans

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The average monthly payment for a new car was $474 in the first quarter, the highest its ever been since Experian Automotive started publicly reporting the data in 2006. The average new auto loan term has also increased to a new high of 66 months. Longer loan terms lower the borrowers monthly payments, but that […]

Mont. Co. school board members’ credit card use called into question

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–> SILVER SPRING, Md. — Reading, writing and arithmetic have temporarily become overshadowed by lobster tail, hotel room service and credit card misuse. Credit card purchases by Montgomery County Board of Education members and their staff have set off a new round of criticism and an effort to overhaul spending practices. There was the restaurant […]

Are auto loans a subprime crisis in the making?

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The New York attorney general filed a securities fraud lawsuit against British bank Barclays, accusing the firm of giving an unfair advantage to high-frequency traders in the US, while claiming to protect other clients from the HFTs. Its the highest profile case weve seen yet, according to Reuters, as a result of authorities attempts to […]

Russia More Than Doubles Domestic Debt Plans to Fund Gap

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Russia, which scrapped a $7 billion Eurobond sale this year, plans to more than double its annual domestic borrowing program in the next three years from the current level to finance the budget deficit. The government will borrow 1 trillion rubles ($29 billion) to 1.1 trillion rubles a year on the local market, up from […]

Oshkosh credit union bookkeeper fired for falsifying reports

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A lawsuit accuses an Oshkosh Central Credit Union bookkeeper of falsifying reports to hide her theft of money used to buy a boat, SUV and camper valued at $120,000. Melisa Beyer, 35, told regulators she falsified coworkers signatures on cash-on-hand reports after a May 7 audit found significantly less money in the credit unions vault […]

Protect Your Stuff: Credit Cards With the Best Baggage Insurance

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(Photo: Thinkstock) The recent British Airways lost baggage snafu#xA0;really caught us off guard. How does an airline just lose thousands of pieces of baggage? And if they get lost permanently, who pays for it?#xA0; First, it#x2019;s important to know that your baggage is actually covered to a certain extent when you purchase your plane ticket. […]

The cheapest personal loans

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Theres a price war going on so heres a round-up of the best personal loans on the market right now. If you want to borrow a larger sum of money, a personal loan is a good option for many people. The good news is there is loads of competition in the personal loan market right […]

Personal Finance: Re-establish credit after bankruptcy

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Veteran personal finance journalist Robert Powell answers questions from USA WEEKEND readers. His column runs Tuesdays and Thursdays at After a bankruptcy, how can I start new credit? — Magali Trujillo, Houston Theres plenty you can do to rebuild credit. But theres a right way and wrong to go about it, says Gail Cunningham […]